Who Should Attend

  • Scientists working in the field of cosmetics
  • Researchers working in the cosmetics industry
  • Cosmetic industry representatives
  • Experts working in the field of cosmetics in government institutions and organizations
  • Institutions and organizations working on incentives
  • Employees in the Patent and Regulatory Unit
  • Quality control and management certification companies
  • Companies that make quality and production documentation programs
  • Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate students
  • Firms supplying the sector
  • Technical infrastructure and equipment suppliers
  • Companies operating in the field of cosmetic product testing and cosmetic product development
  • Firms producing cosmetic product packaging and accessories
  • Firms engaged in cosmetic product production consultancy
  • Beauty, SPA clinics and centers specialists
  • Phytotherapy specialists
  • Product development and marketing specialists
  • Young scientists who want to pursue a career in the cosmetics industry
  • Those interested in the cosmetics industry
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